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Welcome to the 

Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC) 


An Outline

ZOOM. Start 14 OCTOBER 2023 - OCTOBER 2024

Six month Module for Personal Training

12 month module for Personal and Teacher Training

Registration starts on 28 March 2023


For Mobile Phone/Cell Phone users. 

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For Computer users

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We are happy to announce the next Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC) The course runs from October 2023 - October 2024.

See One-Minute Video from Nshorna Davis (Christopher's daughter)  about the MTTC at foot of page. 


The MTTC is a comprehensive, in-depth course, supportive and nurturing. Our 12-month course guides you on to become a teacher of mindfulness with ways to set up courses and networks.

What Trainees will Receive

  1. Live Online Teachings.

  2. Participation in online small group meetings

  3. Option for in-person teachings in UK and Germany

  4. Option for 1-1 with teachers

  5. Monthly PDF handouts

  6. Monthly Audio/Video links. 10-20 minutes.

  7. Access to recorded sessions in Google Drive.

The MTTC is split into two modules each lasting six months. You have the option to attend the full 12-month course or the first of the modules on their own. Mindfulness teachers and those with experience in mindfulness/meditation/residential retreats can also join the second module.


You will only become qualified to teach mindfulness to others if you complete the full 12 months or MTTC teachers have accepted you into second module, based on prior experience to this Course.


Module 1 is suitable for those wishing to gain immense support to their own daily life.


Module 2 covers further mindfulness training along with development of skills to become a mindfulness teacher.


Small group meetings of participants are in German or English. Summaries of monthly teachings are in English with German translation, via DeepL is regarded as best AI translator).


Teaching is predominantly held online, via zoom. For those who can attend, we offer in-person meetings in Germany or England for a period of four days in the first and second module. For further information, see Course Schedule link.


Five Primary Areas for Development

Throughout the 12 months, participants will develop 5 areas of interpersonal skills which can be applied to the 12 monthly themes.

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Tools/Practices for Daily Life issues

  3. Empathy

  4. Communication

  5. Leadership


Monthly Themes

Themes are designed to cover a range of themes that explore every area required for you to teach mindfulness to others competently and safely.



Month 1 (October 2023)

Introduction. Mindfulness of Stress

Month 2

Mindfulness of Daily Practice

Month 3

Mindfulness of the Body

Month 4

Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions

Month 5

Mindfulness to Develop the Heart-Mind

Month 6

End of Module 1. Mindfulness of Experiences, Practices. Insights. Summary.


Month 7

Mindfulness of a Healthy Lifestyle

Month 8

Mindfulness of Communication

Month 9

Mindfulness of Being an Agent of Change and Spirituality

Month 10

Mindfulness of Wellbeing, Oneself and Others

Month 11

Mindfulness of the Role of Facilitation

Month 12

Mindfulness of Teaching Mindfulness. Summary.


Course Cost

12 Month Mindfulness Course £676.00 (Approx €768.00)

Individual modules: £338.00 (Approx €388.00)

We have detailed prices in five currencies - EU, UK, US, Israel, India and Australia.

Instalment options available, via Eventbrite.

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Ready to book?

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Make a payment and click link on Registration form

You can also book via Eventbrite. You will see Eventbrite on registration page link above.

During each module, we invite donations to support our daily life.

About the MTTC Teachers

Christopher Titmuss:  A former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, Christopher is Britain’s senior mindfulness teacher. He has given more than 700 retreats/courses as well as leading pilgrimages and Dharma gatherings worldwide.  Christopher gives teachings on mindfulness/insight meditation and liberation. He has endorsed and supported many women and men to become Dharma/mindfulness teachers. A blogger, campaigner, photographer, poet, and social critic, Christopher is the author of more than 20 books including Mindfulness for Everyday Living, The Mindfulness Manual and the Spiritual Roots of Mindfulness.

He has lived in Totnes, Devon, England since 1982.


Nshorna Davis: Nshorna teaches mindfulness, meditation for calm/insight and wellbeing. She is the founder of three mindfulness-based organisations -The Wise Lotus Centre, The Little Shop of Mindfulness and the Mindfulness Support Service CiC. A former director of UK's largest domestic abuse organisation, Nshorna has also managed multi-disciplinary teams within children's safeguarding. She has extensive experience of teaching within child and family services. Nshorna is a mother of four children. She will support Christopher with teachings, assist in assessments in Module 2 and oversee administration of the MTTC.

See Links to further MTTC pages at the top of this page.

Thank you,

Christopher and Nshorna





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