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MTTC 2023 Now Full
See below for 2025

Inspired from his years as a Buddhist monk in Thailand and India (1970-1976), Christopher does not charge for offering teachings on his retreats, workshops or public talks. From time to time, he requests a modest sum for ongoing online teachings. For five decades, Christopher has primarily relied upon donations from those he teaches to support his ongoing services. To learn more about this and how to donate please click HERE.

The registration costs outlined below cover the expenses involved in setting up, running and maintaining the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC), which includes third party costs,, online subscription fees, web design, promotion, office equipment, administration, CPD fee and IT consultancy. 

Other courses, which train mindfulness teachers, can cost thousands of pounds. The MTTC offers one of the most in-depth mindfulness teacher training courses available with a modest registration fee for a 12-months of training Christopher and Nshorna invite MTTC participants to make a donation to support their daily life expenses.

Choose from the full 12 month course (2 modules) OR select a single module. Learn more about the course structure and modules HERE.

To pay using a Credit/Debit Card without using a PayPal account: 


Please select Buy now... then click Pay with PayPal and then on the next screen instead of entering PayPal login details select Pay by Debit or Credit Card just below.

PayPal & Credit/Debit Cards accepted.

New Course begins June 2025



Full 12 month course

Two in depth modules over a 12 month period.



Single Module

Choose a single 6 month module. 

If you wish to pay using 3 instalments.
Please contact us directly at

NB. Please note the four-day residential in Germany and non-residential in the UK is not included in the registration cost. The daily rate for the Pauenhof Centre near Dusseldorf in Germany for food and accommodation is between €38 (dorm/tent) and €68 Euros (single room) a night. The daily rate for the non-residential in Letchworth Garden City, 30 minutes north of London is £10 per day.


We have made the most affordable 12-month teacher training course possible.

We will deduct from any refunds our payments to Paypal/Eventbrite and admin services.

MTTC offers a full refund until 31 September 2023, except our payments.

Between 1 October and 14 October 2023, we give a 75% refund.

Due to a tight 12 month budget, we cannot offer refunds when the MTTC is underway.

Thank You.

Christopher and Nshorna

Registration currently closed.
Registration re-opens on 1st September 2024
for the next course starting June 2025 

When you have selected and paid for your course please fill out the below registration form. This in depth form will help us to better understand what you wish to achieve from this course so we may ensure your needs are met. 

Registration Form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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Inspired from his years as a Buddhist monk in Thailand and India (1970-1976), Christopher does not charge for offering teachings on his retreats, workshops or public talks.


At the end of such programmes, he invites donations (dana) to support his daily life, his family and ongoing office/administration and payments, such as specialist work on computers, websites and accounts.

He accepts whatever a publisher offers for publishing one of his books.

Christopher only teaches in centres where he considers the daily rate affordable to cover the running costs of the centre or facility.

Thank you for your kindness.

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