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Registration & Payment for the MTTC

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WE ARE HAPPY YOU WISH TO JOIN THE MTTC starting 14 October 2023

See Registrations Costs below or for full details see Costs link at top of page.

  1. Please make payment using one of three methods below if not done so already.

  2. Print and Complete Registration Form after payment.

  3. Send email to with photo of Registration Form.

  4. We will read your registration form and reply back to you. 

  5. If, after paying for the registration, you are unable to attend, you will receive a full refund until Friday 1 September 2023. You will not receive a refund after this day, due to costs/time. 


Methods of Payment in UK Pounds (Deposit, Full Payment or Payment Plan)

To reserve a MTTC place: You can make a deposit of £100.00 for one or two modules or pay in full.

Click on Donation link below. You can make deposit there with Paypal or credit card.

All methods below use Paypal. 

You do not have to join Paypal to make a payment or to join Payment Plan with Eventbrite.

When asked to login, you can simply select the option below it... to pay with a Debit/Credit Card.

1. Full Course/Both modules before 14 July 2023

£620.00  (For Ref  €720.00. $770.00. ILS2900. INR63,500. AUD$1200.00)


2. Full Course/Both modules after 25 May 2023

£676.00  (For Ref  €768.00. $845.00. ILS3100 INR69,000, AUD$1270.00)


3. Per Module 

£338.00  (For Ref  €384.00. $425.00. ILS1425 INR34,500. AUD$620.00)


4. Payment Plans & All Payments can be made via Eventbrite.

5. Deposit and Donations

To make a deposit. 





We make a short appeal once a month during the Zoom intensive weekend or in an email. Please use the Donate link above.


We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you.

Christopher and Nshorna

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Contact for any further questions

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