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Course Structure


The MTTC is a 12-month course split into two modules each lasting 6 months. You have the option to attend the full 12-month course or one of the two modules on their own.

Full 12-month Course

October 2023 - early October 2024

Module 1. October 2023 - March 2024.

Module 2. April 2024 - October 2024.


The course is predominantly held online with live teachings.

Teachings take place one weekend per month. During Months 2 and 9 (November 2023 and May 2024), the group will be split into three. You will have the option to attend 4 days of residential teachings (Germany), 4 days of non-residential teachings (Letchworth, UK) or four days of online teachings. in November or May.

There are additional charges for those who choses group A or B to cover the costs of hiring the centres.

There are limited places for each. Please specify at booking your option choice. There may be the opportunity to change your option later depending on availability at the two centres.

Teachings Online through the Year

Monthly online (Saturday and Sunday once per month- See dates below)

Small group meetings (Fortnightly at an agreed time with your group for up to two hours)

We record the sessions. Due to time zones, you may need to make an extra effort on the weekend to attend all three sessions or you can listen to the recorded session(s) you cannot attend.

Small group meetings of participants are in German or English. Summaries of monthly teachings are in English with German translation, via DeepL is regarded as the best AI translator.


All dates are Saturday 9am, 12pm and 5pm CET. Sunday 9am, 5pm CET. All last 1 hour 15 minutes.

Module 1

October 14/15 2023

November 4/5 2023 - plus see date options above for in-person teachings

Dec 9/10 2023

Jan 13/14 2024

Feb 9/10 2024

March 16/17 2024


Module 2

April 14/15 2024

May 11/12 2024 plus see date options above for in person teachings.

June 22/23 2024

July 13/14 2024

August 10/11 2024

September 14/15 2024

October 7 2024. Closing Session.

In-Person Teaching. Dates and Locations

MTTC Residential. 4 Days

Pauenhof Meditation Zentrum

Pauenhof e.V.
Pauendyck 1
D - 47665 Sonsbeck Hamb (40 minutes from Düsseldorf)

nearest station. Geldorn


MTTC Non-Residential

The Wise Lotus Centre 
9 Howard Park Corner,

Letchworth Garden City,

Uk SG6 1PQ (30 minutes on train from Kings Cross, London.  5 minutes walk from Letchworth station.



Options for November/December 2023


22 - 27 Nov 2023

4 Day Residential near  Dusseldorf, Germany

€38-68 Euros per night to cover accommodation and all food.



Saturday 18 - 21 November 2023

4 Day non-residential in Letchworth Garden City, England

£40 one off fee for the four days.


1-3 December 2023

Online teachings

No additional charge.

Options for May 2024


3-7 May 2024

4 Day Residential in Dusseldorf, Germany

€38-68 per night to cover accommodation and all food.



16-19  May 2024

4 Day non-residential in Letchworth Garden City, England

£40 one off fee for the four days.


23-26 May 2024

Online teachings

No additional charge.

Self-directed study and portfolio

Monthly reflections homework

You will also be required to submit a portfolio of your reflections/work for those attending the 12 month course.

Practical experience: You will be required to deliver a 6-week mindfulness course to friends/family as part of the course requirements in the closing period of Module 2 or weeks after.


You can book the full 12-month course at registration. Alternatively, you may wish to book module 1 and decide on whether to book module 2 at a later date.


You will only gain the teacher certificate if you complete the full 12-month course.


If you have previously attended the MTTC and would like to refresh your skills, you are welcome to join us for Module 2 only.

Thank you.

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