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An Overview

Welcome to our Mindfulness

Teacher Training Course

July 2023 - June 2024.

An Expansive Outline

Registration starts on 10 February 2023


We are happy to announce our 5th Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC) starting in July 2023 and finishing end of June 2024. 

The Mindfulness Training falls into two six-month consecutive modules. To be accredited as a Mindfulness Teacher, you will need to attend both modules. You can attend the first module to develop a range of skills in mindfulness. You may wish to complete the second module the following year to be a Mindfulness Teacher.


Around 240 people from more than 20 countries worldwide have taken part in our four previous trainings between 2017 and 2022.


We offer the training primarily online, via Zoom, throughout the year with the opportunity to attend two four-day residential courses in Germany or two four day non-residential in England during the 12 months.


Two primary teachers are Christopher Titmuss and Nshorna Davis. Participants also can listen to guest teachers who trained in previous MTTC courses.

All participants will receive our Certificate of Mindfulness Teacher Training, providing the person completes a year of training. We will offer a Certificate of Mindfulness Practice to those who fully attend the first six months module.

Every month, the participants will receive a PDF offering outline for the month with questions on the theme.  


There are places for 50 participants.

For further MTTC information:


Go to Mindfulness Teacher Training link below. Click on Read More beneath group photo.

Other Features on this Website

This website offers a variety of applications of mindfulness for daily life.


You will see in this website links to a variety of videos and recorded talks on mindfulness. These recordings include guided meditations, inquiry and a broad range of themes.


There are around 100 videos available on Youtube and more than 1000 audio talks freely available on mindfulness, meditation, love, liberation, emptiness and the teachings (Dharma) of the Buddha.

International teachings offered in five time zones. To see my 2022 international teaching schedule, Zoom and Centres go to:


Thank you,



Applications of Mindfulness.JPG

Application of Mindfulness

Reflections and practices to support development of insight through mindfulness and concentration in experiences of daily life. 

Mindfulness at work..JPG

Mindfulness Practices at Work

Page includes practices, communication, posture, benefits of silence, and role in the work place.

social media 2.JPG

Social Media

 Social media posts includes 3 websites, blog, Facebook  Twitter, e-News

YouTube,  Linkedin, Instagram, . 

Mindfulness of Emotions and states of mi

Mindfulness of Mind States and Emotions

Practical steps to work with challenging emotions, tendencies and states of mind with bullet points to read and apply.


Mindfulness of Associate Teachings

This page gives a list of teachings of the Buddha, such as the Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path etc.

Teaching Schedule.JPG


The international teaching schedule covers teachings of Christopher in Europe, and online. 

Pauenhof group. jpeg..jpg

Mindfulness Teacher Training

Information on July 2023 -June 2024 Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC).

Two six-month modules of Course, structure, programme, teachers with registration cost/donation basis.


Mindfulness on Insight Meditation website

Website offers practices in mindfulness, meditation, action and critiques of mindfulness in society.



A list of 20 books by Christopher published since 1990. Books address daily life, mindfulness, meditation and awakening.


Mindfulness and Beyond

This section encourages reflections on the deep aspects of the teachings from meditation to understanding Emptiness.



Started in 2006, my blog includes analysis, reviews, politics, teachings. and critiques of social/global issues


About Christopher

Christopher Titmuss, a senior Dharma teacher in the West, offers retreats, facilitates pilgrimages and leads Dharma events worldwide.

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