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Become a Mindfulness Teacher.

Invest in yourself. Support Others. Establish a worthwhile livelihood

Learn from accredited instructors on this 12 month CPD certified course.

Christopher Titmuss

Christopher Titmuss,

Senior Mindfulness Teacher

Teaching Schedule 2024

to the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC)

CPD Certified Worlwide.

The Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC) is a 12-month course split into two 6 months modules. Experience the full course and qualify as a Mindfulness teacher or book the first module for personal training and wellbeing.


In the current climate, the need for this valuable set of wellbeing principles, tools and practices has never been higher.  We designed the MTTC to equip you with the knowledge and insight to apply mindfulness to your day-to-day life and teach mindfulness to support others.


Embarking on a mindfulness teacher training course not only enables personal transformation but also opens doors to a worthwhile livelihood for the wellbeing of yourself, your family and others.


This comprehensive, in-depth programme will support, nurture, and provide the guidance to becoming a teacher of mindfulness. With the increasing demand in every area of society for its benefits, there is a tremendous opportunity to establish a sustainable mindfulness business, based on service to others. 


By becoming a certified mindfulness teacher, you  can offer classes, workshops, and courses to diverse audiences and communities from your home, in centres and to people in their working environment.


See information about CPD professional certification on the CPD Link  beneath main picture on top of home page.

Where: Online classes with residential options in the UK & Germany later in the course.

When: 14 October 2023 - October 2024

Testimonials 2021- 2022

"With every day I dive deeper into the MTTC, even if I just have it in mind throughout the day, insights emerge: As right now I realise what it means to give generously as you do."
J. India

What you will receive.


Live online teachings.


Participation in online small group meetings.


Optional in-person teachings in UK and Germany.


One to one with teachers.


Monthly PDF handouts.


Monthly audio/video links.


Access to recorded sessions.


CPD certification.

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