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"I wish to share my deep appreciation that the MTTC also relies upon support from donations. Deep bows to your ethics and the belief that teachings should be available to everyone. I feel so blessed to have found this course which continues to inspire and challenge me in equal measures."

"The MTTC opened the door to a whole new world for me; the clarity and applicability of the teachings has changed my life. I enormously valued the expansive breadth and depth of the teachings. The course did not simply train me to deliver a specific mindfulness syllabus. Instead, it supported the development of the wider
person, and future teacher...I fully recommend the MTTC and advise future participants that the more they put in, the more they will get out."

John. UK

"Participating in two MTTCs, I especially valued the small groups. My small groups offered me the opportunity to apply mindfulness teachings to my daily life challenges due to sharing and discussing this with the group. From these MTTC groups, a continuing online group emerged that is still running after more than two years and has become for me an invaluable circle of dharma friends."
C. Germany

"I was impressed by how rigorous the programme was -- so much time, thought and effort has gone into the structure. The small groups let us form a core group of 5 friends within a larger gathering. The intensive weekends give a retreat-like atmosphere online and get us to focus our thoughts, practices and discussions."
S. India

"I have known theory for years and had started to make progress but this is the first time I have had moments of a deep feeling of freedom being around my parents. MTTC has contributed a lot to this. Thank you!!"
K. Germany

"With every day I dive deeper into the MTTC, even if I just have it in mind throughout the day, insights emerge: As right now I realise what it means to give generously as you do."
J. India.

"The teachers led the MTTC course with wisdom, love, kindness, and skilfulness. The 12 months course trained both me and others in bringing the life-changing qualities of mindfulness and compassion to every aspect of our lives. The MTTC taught us how to bring these qualities to the lives of other people."
A. Israel

"I have learned a lot in these months and deeply appreciate the generous way you have both offered your insight and wisdom. Thank you for all that you offer."
M. Australia

"I just listened to a conversation about beauty, which reminded of a talk on mindfulness and beauty from one of the participants on the MTTC program. At the end of that talk, you commented that beauty is not in the object and not in the eyes of the beholder."
A. Germany

"I wanted to use this occasion to express my gratitude for your teachings and practice. Meeting you during the MTTC has been very important for my life and practice."
M. Germany

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