Mindfulness Teacher Training Course MTTC - Tools for Change

The teacher training begins in October 2021 in Germany and finishes in October 2022..

MTTC combines residential and online Zoom. Around 200 people have participated in the three previous trainings.

Teachers: Christopher Titmuss and Ulla Koenig.

There are place for 50 participants. The 12 month MTTC training includes residential meetings (pandemic health regulations permitting) and Zoom meetings throughout the year.

The registration is open now!

We provide a certificate stating that participants have completed the full MTTC training.

 MTTC addresses Five Primary Areas

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Tools

  3. Empathy

  4. Communication

  5. Leadership



We employ mindfulness to develop calmness, clarity and insight.  The course shows ways to offer mindfulness for the needs of others.



Mindfulness touches every aspect of daily life. We provide a range of tools to apply mindfulness in contact with breath, body, emotions, mind states and the senses.



Empathy allows for a deep connection with all forms of life. We apply practices of the heart to explore ways to relate to people, animals and the environment. 



Our words have power. We will explore practices of speaking and listening with care and attention. We learn how to explore skilful responses and address deep issues.



We learn to facilitate meetings and give guidance to a group in challenging situations.  Participants will have the opportunity to give short talks and answer questions. We will develop ways to respond skilfully to the authority and the management of others.

We have designed our course to benefit those who wish to apply the  practices and skills of mindfulness to a wide variety of situations.


We will encourage participants to draw upon the tools for change and adapt them for their specific needs to support others

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