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Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC)
Tools for Change

An Overview





The MTTC falls into two six-month modules.

Module 1. We devote the first 6 months to the practice of mindfulness with specific themes per month.

Module 2. We devote the second six-month module to the practice of teaching of mindfulness.

Module 2. MTTC includes comprehensive details on facilitation, the teacher role and organisation. Specific mindfulness practices and associated themes continue throughout the second module.  


During Module 2, we provide a detailed PDF to organise and lead a series of mindfulness classes.

You will receive a training in ethics, safeguards and professional guidelines for your role as a mindfulness teacher.

MTTC requires you to submit a portfolio including your monthly reflections, classes, understanding of mindfulness and practice.

We will provide you with more details at the start of the Course about the portfolio.


We will offer guidance and support throughout as well as review your portfolio on completion of the two modules.

Module 1 will take place between September 2023 and February 2024.

Module 2 will start in March 2024 and finish in early September 2024. 

You can register from 15 March 2023 for Module 1 or Module 2 or both. 

Both modules will provide participants with opportunity to share experiences, meet in small Zoom groups and have personal Zoom meetings with the teachers.


Three options for course participation for residential, non-residential or Zoom.


All three options require your Zoom presence throughout Module 1 and Module 2. Trainees have the choice to attend one of the three trainings or more listed below - space permitting.

Go to link MTTC Structure for dates and registration information on three options listed below.

We have 50 places in total available for the MTTC. 

Option One. 30 places available for trainees for residential in Germany. 

Option Two. 20 places for trainees for non-residential in UK.

Option Three. If you are unable to attend the training in Germany or UK, we will offer a four-day training, via Zoom.

  1. Attend a four-day residential training near Dusseldorf in Germany. 

  2. Attend a four-day non-residential training in Letchworth Garden City, 40 minutes north of London, 

  3. Attend a four-day Zoom meeting of three 1 hour 15 minutes sessions per day. You can also attend, if you wish a residential or non-residential and the four day Zoom sessions.


MTTC Residential. 4 Days


Pauenhof e.V.
Pauendyck 1
D - 47665 Sonsbeck Hamb (40 minutes from Düsseldorf)

nearest station. Geldorn

MTTC Non-Residential

The Wise Lotus Centre 
9 Howard Park Corner,

Letchworth Garden City,

Uk SG6 1PQ (30 minutes on train from Kings Cross, London.  5 minutes walk from Letchworth station.


To Register. Request Invoice. Then send £40.00 for four days plus request for donations on Sunday morning.

Non-Residential. Please email your name to



MTTC Timetable Non-Residential 4 Days.


All the trainees will meet online when the MTTC starts in September 2023.

Please remember to book your option(s) as soon as possible

The full group will meet again online for the intensive weekends for Month 4.

 Module 1 

This module comprises teachings/themes/practices/guided meditations required to become established in the practice of mindfulness. 


You will receive mindfulness/meditation/reflection tools to support yourself at home, social life, studies and work.


We provide practices to reduce, stress/anxiety/fear, a capacity to handle challenging situations and discover fresh views/perspectives in daily life. Your mindfulness practice will benefit loved ones, colleagues and strangers, as well as yourself.


We will only accredit you to be a Mindfulness Teacher if you complete the second module.


Module 2 

Participants will need to have completed Module 1 of the MTTC or have completed a previous 12-month training with MTTC.

If you have completed a 12-month mindfulness training elsewhere, you can join either module to receive our certificates. We require to see a photocopy of your previous 12-month training.


In Module 2, you will develop the authority to step into the role of the Mindfulness Teacher. This includes the teaching role itself, facilitation of small/large groups and developing the organisational skills to enable people to know about your courses etc.


Mindfulness practice continues through the second six-month period.

For further MTTC Training if Required

If the teachers decide you need further MTTC training, you will be invited to attend the next 12 month of the online MTTC course.

Teachers will decide whether the trainee requires to attend Module 1 or Module 2 or both. 

The trainee does not have to pay a registration fee for attending either Module 1 or 2 or both for a second time. 

Five Primary Areas to Develop

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Tools/Practices for Daily Life issues

  3. Empathy

  4. Communication

  5. Leadership



We employ mindfulness to develop calmness, clarity and insight.  The course shows ways to offer mindfulness for the needs of others and oneself.



Mindfulness touches every aspect of daily life. We provide a range of tools to apply mindfulness in contact with breath, body, emotions, mind states and the senses.



Empathy allows for a deep connection with all forms of life. You will apply practices of the heart to explore ways to relate to people, animals and the environment. 



Our words have power. You will explore practices of speaking and listening with care and attention. You learn how to explore skilful responses and address deep issues.



We offer organise small groups to develop skills in facilitate and teaching.   Participants will have the opportunity to give short talks and answer questions. Trainees develop ways to respond skilfully to the authority and the management of others. MTTC provides PDFs of details to remember and practice to develop confidence and clarity in teaching.

We have designed our course to benefit those who wish to apply the practices and skills of mindfulness to a wide variety of situations.


We will encourage participants to draw upon the tools for change and adapt them for their specific needs to support others

Do join.
Do pass the word on.

We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you.

Christopher Titmuss and Nshorna Davis


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