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Guided Meditations and Audio Talks


These Dharma talks and enquiries are freely available on:

Recorded Talks on Mindfulness

20151101 Mindfulness and ReflectionChristopher Titmuss
20151101 An Exploration of MindfulnessChristopher Titmuss
20150220 Mindfulness and Problematic States of MindChristopher Titmuss

Guided Meditations

Here are  guided meditations on the breath, body, feelings states of mind and Dharma


Each guided meditation below lasts for between around 20 to 30 minutes.

20101017.Guided Meditation.MIndfulness of Breathing. 29 mins.GermanyChristopher Titmuss
20101019.Guided Meditation. Mindfulness of Feelings. Germany 29 minsChristopher Titmuss
20101020 Guided Meditation. Mindfulness of States of Mind. Germany 25 mins Christopher Titmuss
20120512. Guided Meditation on the Dharma. Germany. 19 mins. Christopher Titmuss
20110203.Guided Meditation on the Body.India.27 mins. Christopher Titmuss

Dharma Talks

These Dharma talks range in length from 40 to 60 minutes. They explore the depths of mindfulness, meditation, relationships and the significance of the spiritual in daily life. The teachings examine ethics and wisdom for application to personal, social and global issues.

Dharma Enquiry

Christopher engages in Dharma Enquiry on his retreat. He invites a person to sit besides him at the front of the Dharma Hall. The person may bring a question, share an experience or explore an  issue of importance. The length of the exchange may last from a few minute to 30 minutes or more. There are around two to four enquiry sessions on each of the audio recordings below. The participant has given permission for these recordings to be made available for others.

May all beings live with clarity

May all beings live with love

May all beings experience deep realisations

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