Breath - Stress -Understanding

Practice of Mindfulness of Breathing


  • In the sitting posture, be mindful of the full breath experience.

  • Experience the body expanding with the inhalation and contracting with the exhalation.

  • Be mindful of breathing in and breathing out.

  • If tired, keep the eyes open. If restless, breathe long and deep, relax with the out breath.

  • Allow the breath to flow in and out of the body, shallow or deep.

  • Be aware of any moment(s) of stillness before the next in-breath.

  • Be aware of changes in the breath, of impermanence of every breath.

  • Experience the air element stimulating the cells of the body.

  • Relax gently with the out breath when the mind easily wanders.

  • Let the brain cells become quiet.

  • Air element confirms our intimacy and inter-dependence with the surrounding world.

  • Feel the freedom of simply breathing in and breathing out.

  • Mindfulness of breathing contributes to harmony of body and mind

  • Mindfulness connects directly with organic life.


Seven Conditions for Stress


  • Desire to get things done

  • Fear of not getting things done

  • Feeling misunderstood or rejected

  • Placing expectations onto others, who do not follow through

  • Placing unfulfilled expectations upon ourselves

  • Projecting into a situation

  • Thinking too much about something.

  • Waiting for an outcome in the future


Mindfulness of Breathing


  • I am breathing in

  • I am breathing out

  • I am breathing in a long breath

  • I am breathing out a long breath

  • I am aware of the breath as it comes into my body

  • I am aware of the breath as it leaves my body

  • I am aware of the in breath as it enters my nose

  • I am aware of the breath in my lungs

  • I am aware of the out breath as it departs from my lungs

  • I am aware of the out breath as it departs from my nose

  • I am aware of the moment(s) before the next in breath comes in

  • I am aware of the coming of the breath

  • I am aware of the going of the breath

  • I experience the breathing in and breathing out

  • Allowing myself to stay steady with each breath.


Five ways to understanding


  • Acknowledge the times when you feel stuck

  • Be mindful of the way things change over a period of time – short or long

  • Develop the capacity bear the content of the state of mind.

  • Keep interest, even if the experience itself drops away, to develop understanding

  • Learn to stay with an experience for the insight to emerge.


  May all beings live mindfully  

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