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MTTC Costs

What are the MTTC Costs?

(for payment go to Registration & Payment link)

MTTC offers one of the most in depth mindfulness teacher training courses available. We have kept the registration fee as low as possible for the 12 months of teaching.  


Registration Cost

12 Month Mindfulness Course £676.00 (Approx €768.00) 

Individual modules: £338.00 (Approx €388.00) 

MTTC offers a discount for early purchase.

Full Course Registration for both modules for early purchase before 25 May  2023.    €670.00. (£590.00)

Full Course Registration for both modules for single payment after 25 May 2023.   €768.00 (£676.00)   

Full Course Registration with 3 payments    €255.00. (£225.00)    

Per Module single payment   €384.00.  (£338.00)    
Per Module with 3 payments    € 130.00. (£114.00). 


We appeal monthly for donations through emails, Zoom and on the final full day of residential meetings of the MTTC. Our approach makes the MTTC widely affordable.


If you have previously attended the MTTC and would like to refresh your skills, you are welcome to join us for Module 1 or Module 2 or both.  

NB. Please note the four day residential in Germany and non-residential in the UK is not included in the registration cost. The daily rate for the Pauenhof Centre near Dusseldorf inGermany for food and accommodation is between €38 (dorm/tent) and €68 Euros (single room) a night. The daily rate for the non-residential in Letchworth Garden City, 30 minutes north of London s £10 per day. There is no cost involved for the four-day option of the online teachings during Month 2 and Month 9.


  • Weeks of MTTC preparation

  • IT consultancy

  • Computer/Office expenses

  • Online platforms

  • Website

  • Promotion

  • Accounts,

  • Prepare PDFs for trainees,

  • Engage in outreach to social media.

  • Time involved to assess each participants portfolio in Module 1 and Module 2.


We look forward to seeing you.

Warmest wishes

Christopher and Nshorna.

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