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10 Pointers

The Religion of Science


                                                                                                                                          Christopher Titmuss


263 words

1. Science believes that the Big Bang created the world.

2. Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and Albert Einstein (1879-1955) are two of the leading prophets of the religion of Science.

3. Darwin's Origin of Species is the sacred book for believers in Science. Science believes in cause (s) and effect (s) as the ultimate reality.

4. Core beliefs of the faithful include the theory of relativity, theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, the random selection of species, DNA, progress of the human species and control over our destiny.

5. Scientists are the missionaries and high priests for the religion of Science believing in a reductionist approach to Reality. The dogma of Science is believing it has the only legitimate viewpoint to Reality. 

6. Science teachers are the priests for Science while the university is the Temple of Science. The laboratory is the sacred tabernacle. Scientists believe in experimentation, observation and deduction to know to the reality of the physical world.

7. Science engages in the battle of good and evil – from medical science to producing weapons of mass destruction.

8. Believers in Science see their religion as the only way to knowing the truth. Believers make claims about the creation and destruction of the world.

9. Believers in Science are divided into various sects and sub-sects – Biologists, Chemists, Geneticists, Geologists, Physicists, etc. Scientific knowledge is the Way

10. Scientists engage in constant dispute over their theories (i.e. beliefs) about Reality. Scientific 'truths' change as the believers constructs new standpoints relegating old 'truths' to beliefs.


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