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We started this course in 2011 and finished it in early 2017. We have now cancelled the course. Instead we started last year the 14 day residential Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC). We are keeping information below onlline in case we renew the course or start something similar. Thank you for your interest. Love Christopher

We offer an online Mindfulness Training Course (MTC) - based on the teachings of the Buddha. The course consists of two modules. Each module lasts for eight weeks. We have made the MTC as affordable as possble for participants. We assign a mentor as quickly as possible. There may be some delays due to availability of the mentor.


You will a short biography and photograph of each of the 25 mentors in About the Mentors.


You are welcome to join the MTC.


  • opportunity to email once a week to a mentor

  • write reflections on your mindfulness practices

  • develop skills in meditation

  • explore the application of mindfulness into daily life

  • listen to talks and guided meditations on YouTube

  • develop mindfulness for insight, clarity and awakening of heart and mind

  • each participant will be allocated a mentor for a once a week email.


The Mindfulness Manual serves as the basis for the online course. You will require a copy of The Manual Manual. This is available from www.lulu.com and available on Amazon in paperback and ebook form in late January, 2016.


You can order the book through your local bookshop with the ISBN number. See home page for link to book. Lulu has printers in many countries for a fast despatch of the book.


This website also provides video and audio links for the MTC with a weekly suggested Dharma talk to listen, guided meditations, both video and audio.  Se Guided Meditations/Audio in this section of the website and see also Videos sectin for talks etc.


You can join the first module and then go onto the second module. You re-register again for the second module.


Each participants is offered support once a week from their own personal mentor. We have 25 mentors from around the world. You can join the Mindfulness Training Course at any time providing there is a mentor available.  Our Course is suitable for beginners and those with experience of mindfulness/meditation.




The Mindfulness Training Course is supported by a single registration fee for each module. All the mentors offer their time on donation and make every effort to support you. There is a single registration cost. The cost of the MTC course is available to all at the mimum price to various organising and running costs. You are also welcome to offer donations. Donations are shared between the mentors.


With warm wishes



Anne Ashton (International Co-ordinator)



Christopher Titmuss, Founder




  May all beings live mindfully  

If you have any questions, please contact us

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