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Mindfulness Practice at Work

1. Sit tall on a chair with both feet firmly placed on the floor.

2. Breathe in and out long if too many thoughts.

3. Place hands on different parts of the body and breathe and out into these areas.

4. If a lot of nervous energy, then bend/stretch, dance, walk outdoors apply yoga to find a sense in the being.

5. Breath in and out twice before picking up the phone.

6. Speak mindfully what is true and useful

7. Be mindful of your core intention and passion to support others

8. Speak on important matters at the right time, right, right subject and to the right person(s).

9. Be mindful when feeling tired; we get vulnerable to reactivity.

10. When arriving at the front door of work, stop, take two or three breaths making a quiet dedication to spend a day in service to the team and clients.

11. When departing work, stop outside, take or three breaths, and remember the working day is over. so you are free to engage in the rest of your day.

12. Remember that mindfulness is a practice – like learning to type, riding a bicycle or develop unused muscles.

13. Be mindful of your hands. Hands can show calmness or agitation, kindness or abuse, generosity or greed, creativity or indifference.

14. Be mindful of what goes on the end our fork or spoon or into our hand and from there to our mouth.

15. Be mindful of what we appreciate at work and what challenges us.

16. Fear and blame are two of the most difficult states of mind to experience and to listen to.

17. Be mindful of the value of short questions, to the point, to ask with care and consideration.

18. To respect the varieties of roles in a team. All are equally important and practise to listen to the needs of the others(s) in a team.

19. To practise to step fully into a role with authority, adopting a quiet, professional approach with stillness of the body and hands.

20. To remember that service to others matters more than status and significant income. To appreciate the numerous people and organisations engaged in a wide range of public service.

21 Questions on Work and Career

  1. Are you happy with the way you live your life?

  2. Do you like your job?

  3. Do you try to build yourself up at work?

  4. Do you experience resist work, the routine and the hours?

  5. Do you fantasize about another way of life?

  6. Do you have real quality time with your loved ones, including children?

  7. Do you put yourself down?

  8. Does your work affect you home life?

  9. Does your work go home with you?

  10. Is your work meaningful for others?

  11. What changes would your loved ones like to see in you?

  12. What do you feel about the people you work with?

  13. What is more important than praise and blame?

  14. What is more important than success and failure?

  15. What is that you don’t like about your career?

  16. What is your relationship to the number of hours worked?

  17. What changes do you need to make in your life?

  18. What do you appreciate about yourself?

  19. What is more important to you? Job satisfaction or income?

  20. What makes you happy?

  21. What services, knowledge and skills can you offer to others?

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